Find God’s Strength and Encouragement
Intro to Home Audio-Video Systems
Spiritual Gifts- Hidden Treasure, Discover Your Spiritual Gifts, Learn God’s Purpose for Your Life, and Find Fulfillment

FIND GOD’S STRENGTH AND ENCOURAGEMENT How do you find God’s strength and encouragement during difficult times? The answer is found in the Scriptures. More accurately, it is found by encountering the God of the Scriptures–the God who is bigger and more powerful than anything this life might hold. Spend a year reading the devotionals in this book–devotionals based on the Scriptures. May it help you to encounter the God of the Scriptures–the God who can provide you with the strength and encouragement you need, even when life seems difficult, challenging, and completely overwhelming. by Andrew C. Burnham

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INTRO TO HOME AUDIO-VIDEO SYSTEMS 2.0 Where are you in your audio-video journey? Are you confused trying to figure out what gear to buy? Did you already buy a new system, but struggle to make it all work together? Or are you ready to take your legacy system to the next level?

Intro is packed with advice for newbies just beginning your audio-video journey as well as advanced tips for those who want to get more clarity and accuracy out of your system. Now in a revised and expanded 2.0 version!

No matter how good your system, Intro can help you step it up, big time. The focus is on useful, practical advice. The Intro to Home Audio-Video Systems is G-rated and intended for audio-video enthusiasts of all stripes. by Richard G. Thrasher

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SPIRITUAL GIFTS- A HIDDEN TREASURE Ambassador Imprints is pleased to announce the publication of our third book today, author Rick Thrasher’s SPIRITUAL GIFTS- A HIDDEN TREASURE, DISCOVER YOUR SPIRITUAL GIFTS, LEARN GOD’S PURPOSE FOR YOUR LIFE, AND FIND FULFILLMENT. Mr. Thrasher writes that God gives to new believers spiritual gifts when we accept Jesus into our lives. God expects us to discover our gifts and put them to use in His work to reconcile the World to Himself. As we discover our gifts, we will discover God’s purpose for our lives and find fulfillment. What great joy this is! Spiritual gifts are, indeed, hidden treasure. You can use this book to guide your own spiritual gifts hunt, or as part of a small group study. Mr. Thrasher’s first book is INTRO TO HOME AUDIO-VIDEO SYSTEMS.

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Our Only TRUE Hope: A Devotional- Thoughts on Selected Bible Passages for Comfort and Encouragement When Life is Complicated Published in March 2023 by Ambassador Imprints, author Richard Thrasher’s third book asks two simple but important questions: Are you in pain? Are you in the midst of one or more physical, emotional, or spiritual situations that cause you to cry out to God or have driven you away from Him?

Mr. Thrasher experienced a physical and spiritual crisis two decades ago that turned him away from God. After a few months, though, he desperately reached out to God and started again reading the Bible. He found comfort, solace, and encouragement inside. God met him there, and he re-discovered God’s faithfulness, love, and grace.

This devotional is the culmination of more than fifty years of pain, walking with God through daily struggles, and Jesus meeting him moment by moment. God proves Himself always faithful. Mr. Thrasher prays that as you join him on his journey, you, too, will find comfort and encouragement, no matter your struggle. The story is not about Mr. Thrasher, it’s about Jesus Christ, the Great Healer; He is the faithful one. He understands you and will meet you where you are. You need only open your heart to Him. He’s right there, waiting for you. Mr. Thrasher’s 90 musings on various Bible passages will help you on your journey.

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